Getting Around Downtown

Your trip has begun but now you want to know how to get from spot to spot. Lucky for you, the downtown central area is not that big in terms of land mass – think: San Francisco. So it’s easy to cover a lot of ground.

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Vancouver Downtown Snapshot

Set amongst a gloriously rich landscape of ocean and mountains, this world-class city is perhaps best defined by the amalgamation of urban playground amongst its natural landscape. People flock here, both to live and to visit. And it’s easy to see why. Every street corner looks like a postcard. The fresh air. The mix of amenities. A hippy meets hipster charm, an outdoorsy paradise, and the right mix of working to live instead of living to work is what makes this city so great for the soul.

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What you need to know about Vancouver Peeps

What you need to know about Vancouver peeps. No matter what ‘hood you live in, Vancouverites unite on a number of different characteristics. Here are some essential things you need to know in order to blend in or just appreciate what you are getting yourself into:

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